Quality Assurance

Powder Tech is dedicated to develop and cultivate long term relationships with our clients. We strive to provide both quality products and service through our teamwork-based approach to business. Our quality assurance system focuses on defect prevention: our measure of success is the reduction of the cost of non-conformance.


Powder Tech believes that a truly professional and successful company should have an exemplary safety record. Therefore, we fully endorse our Safety Program as the framework within which we will execute our work in the pursuit of a safety performance that will further reduce our accident frequency.

Management and field supervision are responsible for providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. Employees are responsible for proper conduct accordingly and each employee is expected to be familiar with and work within our established safety frameworks.

Concurrently, all of our employees are familiar with the Provincial Health and Safety Act and the regulations and guidelines pertaining to their work. Safety meetings are held to regularly enhance our polices and procedures.